The rules are simple.

Everything else is not.

You're locked in the room.
Find a way to accomplish your mission and escape.
Before you run out of time.

Use all the senses.

Find clues.

Solve puzzles.

Decrypt the codes.

Unlock what's locked.

Solve mystery and escape.

klickER rooms

All you need is in the room. And inside you.

60 min.

2-5 players



You easily and without much dilemma agreed to play one or two hands with your crew in a very decent part of the city. It will be too late once you realize you have to multiply the sum you payed to get in only to get out of that place. Your bluff will not help you in this game. Luck won't help either. You do not even need to know how to play poker.

77 min.

2-6 players



What could go wrong with a completely routine neurological examination? Everything. You have 77 minutes to escape from the place nobody returned from the same person as they were so far and to avoid the worst destiny of all - the cruel world changing you forever. Try to discover a conspiracy that goes beyond the boundaries of even the craziest conspiracy theories.

klickER is playing outdoors

All you need is in the city, with you and in you.

222 min.

2-10 players


treasure hunt

Want to meet Banja Luka? Or (think) you already know each other well?

You know that in the area of ​​Banja Luka lived two thousand years before the new era, that the Banja Luka people watched the cinema before the 115 years, that they traveled to Vienna and Budapest by train by the end of 19. century? You know that the earthquake is 1969. It destroyed the city center, but you know that this is not the only historical moment when Banja Luka was demolished and rebuilt? Or you do not know any of that?

It's time to start searching for BLag, anyway.

klickER games are intended for groups

from the 2-10 players.

The games are for those who know each other very well,
but also for those who will only get to know each other through the game.

friends and family

fun with well known friends and family
in unknown circumstances

working colleagues

socializing after work or organized
corporate activity (team building)

professional competitors

socializing after training or organized
fun club activity (team building)


trip to reality, break from
and warm up to continue playing video games


challenge for escape room enthusiasts from other
cities and states and opportunity for getting to know Banjaluka

strangers in the room

An opportunity for individuals or couples to participate
in special games with complete strangers


Lowest escape room prices in the region.



treasure hunt

2-4 players

7,67€ / person

5 players


2-5 players

10,23€ / person

6 players


2-10 players


Check out our calendar and choose available day and time that suits you.

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78 Banjaluka
Republika Srpska, BiH
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tel: + 387 666 0 999 0
opening hours:
every day 09: 00 - 23: 00

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