klickER is a playroom for adults and those who feel mature enough to be locked in the room from which they are trying to find the exit within 60 / 77 minutes for no special reason other than - having fun.

klickER games are games of escaping from the room - escape room, created in the desire of wise men to move the same video game to the real world. And there the reality actually ends and the imagination begins in which you'll be trapped until you find clues, solve the riddles and mysteries and escape back to the real world. There will be a bit of panic as the clock is ticking, it may take a little bit of help from the game's master and there will likely be a lot of laughter. Soon after your get out, you will realize that you have completed a very serious task, that you and your friends have not been watching, listening, observing, thinking like that for a long time, that you were rarely ever so quick, creative, organized. That you were rarely so - real.

And you have hung out with your real friends - not with ones with whom you are most in contact through social media. And you were really locked. And you really managed to get out. And you would even if you have really been alienated, if the real witch locked you on the last floor of her infinitely high castle, or if you had to save the world from the virus that transforms human species into zombies. Because you used the most powerful thing you have - your brain.

Coming to klickER is going out for those who go out to have fun, in order to hang out with their (real) friends. Escape room is for those who use all the senses - who watch and see, listen and hear, touch and feel, smell, they like tastes and have a taste. Escape room is not for those who go out to listen to the conversations from another table, for those who go out just to watch and to be seen. Escape room is a game for people who like to be entertained by solving tasks, leveling up. Escape room is a game for people who think they like to beat others, but they always find a way to compete with themselves.

The Escape Room is also a game for children - for the children of those adults who play with their kids and who teach their children in the atmosphere of solving the problems, not memorizing someone's previously established solutions.

If you find yourself among those who could save humanity from artificial intelligence and want to have a really good time, turn off your TV and computer, invite your friends, go out, leave the phone for an hour, dive into the world of unreal and solve real tasks. Use the brain to watch, listen, touch, to solve riddles, complete the mission. Use the brain to enjoy with your friends, to have fun, get to know each other better and get closer, have a new topic to talk about, to add a nice new memoryto your brain. Because the brain loves memories and has a lot of memory. Far more than your social media accounts.

The capacity of a human brain is about quadrilion, which is enough memory to fit the entire Web. The average brain produces 50 thousands of thoughts per day, and its working memory can handle more than a thousand processes per second. The brain has 100 billion neurons, each of them can transmit 1.000 nerve impulses per second and achieve tens of thousands of concurrent contacts with other neurons. Information in the human brain travels at a speed of 430km / h, which is faster than Formula 1.

The average coefficient of intelligence the humanity "managed" to drop from 19. century for 13. The human brain today is still at least 30 times stronger than the most powerful supercomputer ever made. We still have chances. Use your brain.

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