Thirteen wizards from the most powerful wizard club in the world disappeared overnight. They last met on the premises of the Club in a secret location, when at the Grand Council there was a schism about the future of the magical world. Throughout the world, a battle has already begun between two factions: one decided to stop the domination of humans and save the wizarding world by finally using the magic openly on humans; others will try to prevent exposure to the magic world and war with humans and return the renegades to the Club, in order to find another way to protect the magic world and further its progress.

You have a complex task and an even more complex choice: Will you help those who know that only by using advanced magic they can save themselves from humans, or will you contribute to the ultimate victory of wizards who know that war with humans can do no good to the wizarding world.

You have 88 minutes to discover who's on one side and who's on the other, to pick a side and amplify the united power of one side or the other before people who have already learned about the Club's secret rooms arrive and seal it. If you fail, every trace of the Club that united the world of magic will be lost forever, and the uncontrolled battle between the most powerful wizards in the world will continue, in which the entire wizarding and human world will have incomprehensible lasting consequences.

88 min.

3-7 players


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