You've probably tried to play poker already. Maybe you are not a Texas Hold'em master. Maybe you are, but it does not matter now. Anyway, you probably know the rules. And even if you do not know them, someone will explain it to you along the way. They're simple. The rules. Everything else is not. But you will manage. After all, you decided to have fun primarily. Right?

Feeling safe and lacking any bad experience, you easily agreed to play one or two hands with your team in a very decent part of the city. A completely hostile welcome from the host of the game will not be the only surprise that will catch you off guard. It'll be too late once you realize you have to multiply the bet you have placed to enter the game only to get out of that place. But your money is not why you are locked up, nor is something you can buy freedom for. You will have to win your freedom. Your bluff will not help you in this game. Neither will your luck. But you'll manage.

66 min.

2-7 players


Braće Mažar i majke Marije 27
78 Banjaluka
Republika Srpska, BiH
tel: + 387 666 0 999 0
opening hours:
every day 09: 00 - 23: 00

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