This quest will take you through a time that is measured in thousands of years and a time that has stopped, through the good old days and through the stormy times, in addition to the flames of legends and archeological sites, through resting places of accomplished achievements and through songs, through secret passageways and past secret doors, around monuments to tragedies, triumphs and successes, to the everyday life (throughout history to this day more or less) of a city of youth, sports, greenery, through the peace of forgotten corners and the noise of a city that builds and grows, in addition to fragrant linden trees, even more fragrant kebabs and not so fragrant exhausts an extraordinary number of cars for the city of two hundred thousand


In front of you is most probably an entertaining journey, and yet not easy at all – a meaningful, and yet slow and challenging walk.

Before you is the city with many faces, whose identity is the absence of a unique identity, the city of broken continuity, the city in the east, perhaps the most western of all you have ever visited, the city in the west, perhaps the most eastern of all, the city that has been conquered by many before you, the city that has been built and destroyed, the city whose treasure you cannot see with the “naked eye”, one that can not be fully known only through senses, a small city like no other, a city like any other – a city whose distinctiveness has been created by the imagination of people who felt good in it.

You have 222 minutes to find the Treasure.

222 min.

2-10 players


Braće Mažar i majke Marije 27
78 Banjaluka
Republika Srpska, BiH
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